UNISORB® Regufoam+™ Isolation Material


UNISORB® Regufoam+™ is applied as a vibration isolating structural element in the installation of both source and sensitive equipment. Regufoam installations provide a cost effective and simple approach to preventing the transmission of structure borne noise and vibration.

Regufoam+™ is an engineered combination closed and open cell foam material that exhibits excellent vibration isolation characteristics including exceptional damping and superior durability in the industrial/commercial environment as proven in over two decades of successful applications.

Product Code Description Color Maximum Load Range Natural Frequency (1-layer) Natural Frequency (2-layers)
409615 Regufoam150+ Green1.60 - 2.3 psi 11 - 13.5 Hz7.8 - 8.8 Hz
409622 Regufoam220+ Purple4.1 - 5.8 psi 9.6 - 13 Hz6.8 - 8.5 Hz
409630 Regufoam300+ Black8.0 - 11.6 psi 9.6 - 13 Hz6.8 - 8.5 Hz
409640 Regufoam400+ Gray16 - 23 psi 9 - 12 Hz6.3 - 7.8 Hz

UNISORB® Regufoam+™ comes in thicknesses of 25mm or 50mm and is available in four basic color-coded densities. It is easily fabricated on site to match any installation requirement. Regufoam is sold per square foot and is generally specified by Unisorb Engineering. Standard roll size is 1.5 M (59.05") x 5M (196.85"). In addition to the products shown, UNISORB® Regufoam+™ is also available in two additional, higher density types. Ask Unisorb Engineering for details. Please use our link to the Regufoam+™ Brochure to see graphs of test data.

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